My own real
love story.
I am not sure what is the meaning of true love but im sure that true love waits. I am sure that only true love can set you free and make you happy for the rest of your life. This is my idea of true lovetrue love story. and this is my

When i was first year high school i have a crush , a girl with same school i am in , that was 1994 . I didn’t know that she is the cousin of my classmate. She is the very first girl i made a painting , the painting was a male rabbit giving a flower to a female rabbit , on that painting it was not sure if the female rabbit is going to accept that flower but for sure that male rabbit give it as a sign of my love for her.

My classroom was located at the second floor of the same building while her room is below at the very first room of the six sections below. I first saw her while i was on my way home riding on a tricycle maybe that was 5:30 pm . She was also riding at the back portion of the tricycle, actually we have same location , i was at the back of our motor driver and she was at the back of their motor driver.

That was the very first time i saw her and i cant help but look at her all the time. I knew she was from SACS , St. Alphonsus Catholic School because she has the same uniform of girls from our school. I was 13 years old that time and she was around 12 , we were first year student in that school. The school SACS is located at lapu-lapu city Cebu, Philippines.

That time i was in section St. Basil the second section while she is in the third section St. Bede. Most of the time i went down and try to look for her. She didn’t recognize me that time maybe because she likes another guy, one of her classmate.

I don’t remember when i gave her that painting , all i remember is i was watching her laugh and very much happy to receive a gift from a teen who she didn’t know yet. I guess she was excited to know me. She actually see me and maybe knew that it was me who give it to her, but i was a weak and shy student back then that time, so nothing really happens aside from that.

There were times when i was trying to think that maybe she likes me , sometime i saw her seat in front of me while we were at computer labs when that seat is really not for her when we were 4th year high school. There are times that she look at me and she was laughing that i was thinking did i make her happy ? well those are just my thoughts nothing really was real about it. Until today i never and still not sure about it , she never go with me , she was never been with me , she didn’t want to be with me. She had 3 boyfriends from high school until she had a job but i was never one of them.

I was just a suitor , and a friend to her. Maybe there was something lacking on me or maybe she just wants me to be her friend and thats it. Many times i wish that she will be my girlfriend and that she will be my wife someday. But time and time again i wish that she would just give me a chance to take her to malls , watch movie , have a date with her , or even talk to her at streets and schools , but what and where i end up ? i just able to call her at phone , visit her at house but never in my life that she went go shopping with me , walk with me and do things that even common friends do.

I didn’t end up with her

I am not saying that she is a bad girl , all i am saying is that we never been together even as good friends. I love her since i was 13 years old , now as the day i was writing this story i am already 25 years old and today is Friday 1:00 pm noon , June 2, 2006 . I write this love story at our office, the same day i see her and we seat side by side on the same Jeepney going to Mandaue City , highway. I am wearing shades with blue shirt while she is in uniform still very white and very pretty. I know this is true love i am 25 and shes 24 now. True and first love never dies is true.

I was asking her where she off / go down, she said ” just right over there , i will take another ride for mabolo 21b jeepney.Also i ask her what time she must be in their office , she told me 8:30 and never been late. Then she went down and told me bye bye. Though she was never been to me it still good to be a friend of her. Being her friend is a lot to me.

As i saw her today i am hoping that someday she will be my wife and have a happy family.Have four children with her to take care. I really love her. Does she still remembers me ? maybe no maybe yes but one thing is sure i will always remember her.

Why my life went wrong For some bad reason at early stage of my life .For some people that knew me , this page may look funny , its shows weakness and failure , but the real thing is , is that it is very very painful that my biggest problem came in when i was 17 years old – an eye disease called pterydium.She is already married now , she was married on October 6, 2006.