Saturday, 21 April 2012

love story

Marriages are made in heaven. Looking at Sanjay and Priya it will surely seem to be true. They have one such fairy tale love story, which solemnised into wedding in a circus tent, just three months ago.

Sanjay and Priya celebrate their love by cutting a cake in Mangalore Press Club. Sanjay Chowdhury (29) and Priya (19), both performing as dwarf artistes in Jumbo Circus are in Mangalore giving details of their sweet little love story to City Herald.

“We are dwarfs but even we have feelings and I like any youth had the dream of settling down and starting a family. However, marriage seemed like a distant dream because of my disadvantage,” says Sanjay.

However, as they say someone somewhere is made for each person, Sanjay happened to see Priya’s picture in his circus unit as Priya used to work in the other unit of Jumbo Circus. Instantly Sanjay thought Priya was the one made for him. He got her phone number through one of his friends and gave her a call. Love sparked over the phone and the two ‘little hearts’ kept the relationship going on over the phone for three long years.

“There were feelings of depression gripping me very often thinking that the relationship will never culminate into wedding. There was fear that if we get married the society will make a caricature out of it. I had even decided to end my life if I had to part from her,” he said adding that his friends felt the pain that he was going through.

Finally, Ajay Shanker, proprietor of Jumbo Circus learnt about the little love story that had budded in the Jumbo circus unit and he instantly decided to get the two married off. “We had the wedding of our dreams in the Jumbo Circus tent at Pathanamthitta in Kerala. My boss also transferred Priya to my unit,” smiles Sanjay.

“We plan to stay in the circus. Both of us are not well-educated and we are accepted in the Circus family the way we are. The circus is our world and we are very happy in it,” says Priya.

Sanjay Chowdhury hails from Bihar. He joined the circus in 1997. He performs on the trapeze and on the spring net. Priya hails from Maharashtra but is looked after by her caretaker who hails from Kerala. She joined the circus when she was nine. She performs as a see saw acrobat.

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