Friday, 20 April 2012

Romance at Work

Romance at Work

While going on a romantic date or adding a romantic spark at the comforts of your home are common ways to pamper your loved one, this time go beyond the boundaries and try something different!! How about romancing at workplace? Sounds interesting!! Believe it or not, it is very refreshing (and pleasantly shocking!) to see your beloved suddenly in your workplace. You experience mixed emotions - that of happiness, shock and surprise, all at once. However, make sure that your efforts do not result in embarrassment for your loved one. In case you want to see that look (mixed emotion) on your beloved's face, we bring you ideas for romantic surprise at work. Read on further to know how to surprise at work.

Romantic Surprise At Work
  • Reach your partner's office before he/she does. Decorate the cabin/room with flowers, candles and have some breakfast packed. Take the receptionist into confidence and have a message delivered that the boss is waiting in the cabin. Surprise him/her when they enter the cabin.
  • If you are in good terms with your partner’s boss, a good way to surprise your beloved would be by asking his/her boss to give him/her a day off. Let your partner go to office only to realize that he/she is on a paid leave. Most obviously, he/she would excitedly call you to give the news only to realize you are waiting downstairs with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a plan for a romantic date.  
  • Barge into their cabin during lunch and surprise him/her by getting home-cooked food. You can also get some flowers to make the mood a bit more romantic. Just make sure that no one gets disturbed!
  • Call up your partner from a pay phone near his/her workplace and have someone say, "Your car has been towed away". Go and stand near his/her car in the parking lot with a bouquet of flowers and surprise him/her when they come rushing down. Drive out to the nearest place for lunch.
  • Another good way to lit up the sparks of romance between the two of you would be to reach your partner’s office before he/she does. Place small parchments of love letters on her office desk, drawer, pen stand, computer, etc. your partner would surely be excited on getting every parchment. Later, don’t forget to pick him/her up after office for a dinner date.
  • Stay back at your office after working hours. Make sure the office is empty. Hire a chauffer driven car to get your partner to the office. Till the time he/she comes, decorate the room with candles and play some soft music to set the mood. Arrange for some food and drinks to be delivered on time. There you go! Enjoy your romantic moments with your beloved in office without feeling guilty.

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