Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dating Advice For Women

Dating Advice For Women
So you want to date your ‘someone special’ on this Valentine’s Day? This special day brings a golden opportunity to express your feelings on a romantic date with the one you adore. The guy on your mind may be a little difficult to track down and you are in dire need of some wonderful advice to help you in your romantic endeavors. For those who are looking for everlasting love, below given are top romantic dating tips to make the "happily ever after" come true. So, go through these dating tips for girls and know how to keep your man’s heart safely in your pocket.

Dating Tips For Girls
  • Do not try to be someone you are not. You might have always fancied that high school cheerleader, but it wouldn't work if you try to be her on your date. Your man doesn't want to see some cheerleader. He wants to see and know you and not some wannabe you are trying to come across as.
  • Try to be friends with your man. Nothing will work better than being friend with your man and it will also make him feel more comfortable with you. It will allow him to open up to you and he will love you even more for that.
  • A little flirting goes a long way to make your man feel in the thick of things. It shows that you have a broad mind, exciting, fun-loving and take humor in your stride. Just make sure you don't over do it, as it may send wrong signals.
  • Talk about his interests and try to be an intelligent conversationalist. You certainly don’t want to bore him to death. He will appreciate that you want to know about what interests him and this will make your company exciting for him.
  • Work towards building trust, if you have already had many dates with him in the past. Every meeting should facilitate some progress in your relationship and make full use of the beautiful opportunity that Valentine’s Day is presenting you with.
  • Make an effort to look good. Men love it when their women dress up for the occasion. Who doesn’t appreciate the company of a good-looking woman? It will also make sure his eyes don't pry after other women!
  • All said and done, remember to give the relation enough time to grow and prosper. Don't jump to conclusions about your man just after the first date, as they take longer than women to bare their heart out. So, just relax and enjoy the time you spend with him. Gradually, you will get to see his kind and affectionate side.

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