Monday, 30 April 2012

love story

Love Story Movies:A hip hop version of Shakespeare is , A love story is a short film that examines the impact and consequences. Love conquers all. Love is never heaving to say yours sorry.
God is love and he love all hid creation so, we can say that Love is God gifted. We would also love each other and abolish the hurt from this world. Love gives us purity of mind and soul. True love has its own value and place since from the era of Baba Adham. Love needs sincerity, purity, care, respect and sacrifice
Now I want to talk about the love story movies. Approximately maximum movies circle around love stories. In movies they tell us what is happened around us and in our society. It is all depends upon us what we teach from the love stories its negative or positive aspects.
Love stories are my favorite and I have ever seen almost love story so I want to tell you about a very deep one side and one sight love story. This love story surrounds a stunt, independent, and modern girls and a boys which has its own business of photographing of models. The girl mean to say Urmilla is a model and Fardeen khan is a photographer in starting they became be friends and have deep love and care for each other. But they don’t know about the the end Fardeen tell him that I’m married and she became made.(Yeh Pyar Tune Kiya Keya .)
In latest love stories there is a lot of romance then love. These put bad effects on our new generation and some time hero, heroin fall into deep love. In this way create some hurdles in the way of his or her own carrier.
Love is great but its effects or not fair if we choose negative way in it.
Love is in our environment and inhaled in our body with our breathing. Love story movies play a very important role and entertain and inspire us in many ways love needs sacrifice which is too difficult in this present era so avoid love….


  1. LOvely pictures and lovely words in your blog

  2. Sameer,belo trabalho sobre romances de amor!

  3. Love definitely is an important aspect of human nature! Thanks for sharing.

  4. i'm a sucker for a good love story! i really believe that love's a magical thing.

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