Friday, 20 April 2012

Planning a Surprise Getaway

Have you always wanted to whisk away your beloved on a surprise vacation? Imagine the look on their faces when they come to know that you have been planning a surprise getaway just to make him/her smile. It is the best way to reconnect with your beloved that becomes almost impossible with the daily chores. However, you seem to be a bit confused as you are finding it a little difficult to plan out the whole thing. Look no further as we bring you ideas for a surprise getaway. It is no Herculean task as it just requires some skillful planning, as does every other vacation. So just deck up and dream about the coming vacation. And yes, don’t forget to take along your digicam to capture those wonderful moments.

How To Plan Surprise Vacations
  • The Destination - First, zero in on the destination you want to go to and find out the easiest way to commute there without any hurdles. If it is far away and requires air travel, make sure you book the tickets as soon as possible. If it is by road, hire a sports vehicle like a van, which can go long distances.
  • Reservations - You wouldn't want to be stranded in a place unknown to you and find no vacancy in hotels. So it is better that you book a room in a hotel before hand to avoid any sort of later. Check out services like breakfast in bed, seaside resort, king-size beds, etc that will surely add to the romantic atmosphere. You can even take the help of online travel agencies and free yourself with the tension.
  • Packing - Pack all essentials like evening wear, a set of formals, a beach wear and casuals. Pack according to the place and number of days you are going to be there. Research about the weather and any approaching festival native to that place. Also, don't overload too many clothes. If it is just a weekend, take a limited amount of casuals and pajamas. If it is for a week, pack a bag each and get set. Don't waste too much time for packing formals and clothes that are not handy on a romantic getaway. Do not forget your bubble bath kit and aroma candles! Tell your partner you are packing for an upcoming business trip and secretly pack his/her clothes while he/she is sleeping!
  • Enjoy - Remember, you are taking a vacation with your beloved to relax. So make sure you enjoy to the core even if it means just lazing around in the hotel room. Allot one day for sight seeing, don't make it the highlight of your trip. Sit back and enjoy as much as you can as all good things come to an end too fast!

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