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Romantic Breakfast Ideas

Romantic Breakfast Ideas

A great and romantic way to shower love and affection on your beloved is by serving breakfast in bed. Nothing compares to pampering early in the morning. In case you still clueless about this, we bring you breakfast ideas and tell you how to enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed. All you need to do is follow our romantic breakfast in bed tips as given below and savor the beautiful moments with your beloved. For those of you, who do not live in together with your loved one but still want to surprise, do not worry as we have effective for you as well. Read through the following lines to get useful ideas to start the day in romance and style!

Tips For Romantic Breakfast In Bed

For Married Couples
  • To pull out the romantic breakfast plan perfectly, you need to first decide the day of the week. Ideally, indulging in such romanticism on a weekend is a good plan. Both of you would be fresh without office worries and deadline tensions.
  • Make sure you wake up before your beloved does. Though this might sound a little taxing, the result would be really worth the pain. Do not forget to shut the bedroom door behind. Last you would want her to give you a surprise by waking up and watching you prepare the food items.
  • Start by putting the coffee on to brew. While the coffee is getting done, you can start cooking.
  • Make sure that the menu you fix upon is one that has your beloved’s favorite dishes. A light but filling menu is the best thing you can opt for. Mostly all women love pancakes, scrambled eggs, cereals, or milkshake with cut fruits as their breakfast menu.
  • When you are done with everything, serve all the food items on a tray and place it near her bedside. Do not forget to pop in a single red rose to make it look more delightful. Be careful not to spill it on the bed!
  • Before waking him/her up, light up some aroma candles or incense sticks to spread good fragrance around.
  • Wake her up by kissing on her forehead!! She would be more than surprised to see all the efforts you have taken. And when she brings up her 1000 watt smile, know for sure that you have hit the jackpot!!
For Unmarried Couples
  • For those who do not live together, do not get disheartened. You can even enjoy a romantic breakfast with your beloved. Start by giving him/her a wake up call. However, do not get too engrossed in the lovey-dovey talks that it ends up striking 10’ o clock by the watch.
  • Ask him/her to get ready. You can either drop in at his/her place or take the person out for breakfast. In case of the former, make sure that his/her parents have no objection to your romantic gesture. Pack the breakfast nicely. Collect some aroma candles and pick up flowers on the way to his/her home to add to the surprise.
  • In case the two of you are going out for breakfast, make sure you book a table at a seaside restaurant. Order for his/her favorite dishes and drink. Spice it up by getting him/her a bouquet of fresh red roses.
Now that you have a fair idea about what we are talking, be sure you show this absolutely romantic gesture for your beloved. Rest assured he/she will not forget it for the years to come!

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