Friday, 20 April 2012

Romantic Home Ideas

It is a different feeling altogether when your beloved returns home after a long gap of separation. You would want to make their coming back special, but somehow you seem to have run out of those creative welcome home ideas. In case you are clueless about how to welcome your partner back home, fret not as we bring you romantic welcome home tips just to make that moment even more special and memorable.

How To Welcome Your Partner Home
  • One of the most popular welcome home ideas is to set up a candle lit dinner with home cooked food. After a long separation your beloved must be dying to eat home cooked food. So, make all necessary arrangements to make the evening a truly special and memorable.
  • Another idea is to make small banners right from the doorway to your room. Write, "Welcome Home" in the first one. In the others, write cute love quotes and how much you missed them. In the room, be ready to surprise him/her with a huge hug and dinner.
  • Weekends are great time to catch up on the latest movies. Get the CD of a latest romantic flick. When your partner comes home, serve him/her his/her favorite dish. Later, spend the evening cuddling up to each other enjoying the movie. Don’t forget to prepare the ever so delightful popcorns!!
  • If your partner is coming home after a long business trip, it would be great idea to hire a luxury sedan and go to receive him/her in the airport. Ask the chauffer to go and receive him/her. Meanwhile, you be ready in the car with a cake and some champagne and celebrate his/her homecoming.
  • How about spending a truly romantic evening at the luxuries of a hotel with your beloved? Sounds interesting!! Receive your partner at the airport and drive him/her straight to the luxuries of the hotel. Make sure you book a nice room with a good view and arrange for some dinner and drinks. Your partner would surely love this little surprise of yours.
  •  Most men and women want their bedroom to be an oasis of luxury. This time, when your partner returns after a long tiring business trip, let him enter a luxurious haven created by you. Put on a clean and beautiful bed sheet. To add to the effect, have fresh flowers and scented votives installed. He/she would surely be head over heels in love with you all over again.
  • In case both of you are living separately, it would be a great idea to drop at his/her home and decorate it with roses. Put up a "Welcome Home" banner. Make sure you arrange for some food and give him/her a soothing massage to relive him/her of the weariness after the travel.

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