Friday, 18 May 2012

Love Advice

I love you! These three words create magic on your heart. The thing is that it should be uttered by the person with whom you want to spend your entire life. Choosing a real partner is not so easy. You have to apply both the heart and the brain. When these two organs permit you to fall in love, then only you should commit yourself for a relationship. But the heart does not understand such serious words. It only knows to live in so much love. The language of the heart is all about love and romance. You should get some love-advice to take your love life to the right direction.

How to fall in love?

Meet a number of People

Before you are going to decide who will be the right partner in your life, find a lot of people. Judge them properly. Control your heart and try not to fall in love at first sight. May be its so much romantic but not at all a wise idea.

Take enough Time

Don't be in hurry. Take time and then choose the person. If you would decide to select him/her as your partner, it should be done in smart way. May be the person is beautiful or dashing, don't judge only with his/her outer features. Try to know what that person loves to do, try to realize his/her nature. To know that new person in a better way, take more time. If possible meet the person again and then decide whether he/she is applicable for you or not.

Try to Read him/her

Its a good idea to analyze the person in your own way. You may try to read the person. His/her body language will tell you many things. You may ask some simple but intellectual questions and the replies will help you to decide what is his/her intention or thoughts. Try to know whether he/she believes in love or not, how well he/she can respect the partner. All these things would help you a lot.

Go for a Formal Dating

Dating does not mean you have already committed for love. Going for a date, with a new person, you can analyze him/her so perfectly. Know about his/her family members, his/her interests and so on. You may share your dreams with the person. Express your principles and ethics of life. Know how he/she takes it and how much value the person gives it. This thing is so much important for a successful love life.

Open your Heart

If you think that the person is best for you, then only proceed for the relationship. Allow yourself to get his/her love. Try to do little sacrifices for the person. Judge yourself and realize how much you love that person. During such moment, you both can share the best time together.

Trust and Love

One of the most important advice is to learn how to trust the special person of your life. This is the most important thing which runs your love life in a successful direction. Without trust no love life can last longer. In addition, you should also know that trust is so precious and must not be broken. Remain 100% honest and loyal to your partner. Never break his/her trust.

Let's Celebrate Love

Celebrate your love together. Good adjustment and understanding make a love life happy. Always innovate new romantic ideas in your relationship. Exchanging small but thoughtful gifts, you can share a happy moment forever.

Love Advice for Men

Given below are some of the love guidelines for men that they can follow. This will help in maintaining the spark and love in the bond.
  • Pay attention to your partner's need and feelings. If she wants to speak to you regarding something then listen to her. If she says she needs your advice then help her with your thoughts as much as possible.
  • Appreciate her and make her feel special by small gestures. Cook her a meal one day or go for a candle night dinner together.
  • Surprises work best in romance. Plan out a sudden weekend getaway and spend some lone time together in the nearby beach, farmhouse or hill station.
  • Tell her "I love you" in simple and subtle ways. It doesn't matter if you get more romantic through your gestures. It will keep the charm and spark in your bond always.

Love advice for Women

Similarly there are certain love advices that women should follow as well. Some of the important ones are given below:-
  • Be affectionate to your man. No matter how strong he might seem or appear to be, men always crave for affection. Be it loving words or gestures, they would surely make him feel special.
  • Give him his space when required. Men when worried needs to be on their own. Sometimes they need their space more than anything else. The best advice here is let him be. Respect his desire to be with his male friends or by himself once in a while.
  • Encourage and motivate him always. Men love to be admired and encouraged. When you encourage him for his work and other projects he would feel that your are involved with him. This would certainly be a feel good factor for him.
  • Plan a surprise candle light dinner or weekend luncheons. Cook him his favorite platter.
These would some of the easy and simple free love advice for lovers that would keep their relationship strong.

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